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Automatically compiles when an option is changed Auto Compile Show LLVM x86 assembly generated from C/C++ directly. LLVM x86 Assembly {{item}} {{item}} {{item}} Lets the compiler make aggressive, potentially-lossy assumptions about floating-point math. Fast Math
No Inline
No Exceptions
Clean WAT
Baseline JIT
Open in WasmFiddle Opens C/C++ file in WasmFiddle
File Bugzilla Bug File a bug with the highlighted text.
Create a Persistent Link Dark Mode Show Gutter
{{vm.dialect}} -O{{vm.optimizationLevel}} Compile C/C++ to Wat (Ctrl / Cmd + Enter) Compile
Wat Compile/Assemble .wat using SpiderMonkey (Ctrl / Cmd + Enter) Assemble Convert .wat to .wasm and download Download
Firefox x86 Assembly {{vm.showLLVM ? "chevron_right" : "chevron_left"}} Show / Hide LLVM x86 Assembly
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LLVM x86 Assembly

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